Pole Instructor

Dance Coach

With no formal dance training before trying pole in 2014, Gigi fell in love with the challenges she faced in every lesson. These incredibly new experiences taught her so much, and they also helped her identify something that was missing in the current pole dance scene. Using her love of urban and Latin music as constant inspiration, Gigi has managed to fill this void by achieving her own fusion style of pole, featuring sexy and explorative movement, and routines that push the boundaries between pole and other dance disciplines.

She is a bubbly and vivacious instructor, who loves to nurture her students to explore and "feel" their movement, gaining confidence whilst doing so. Not all bodies are the same, not everyone moves in the same way, so she urges her students to interpret what is being presented so they can see what works best for them, creating an experience that is truly unique, entertaining, and fun to learn!


• 2018 Miss Pole Dance Victoria - Finalist

• 2017 Miss Pole Dance Victoria - Finalist

• 2016 Dance Filthy - 1ST PLACE

• 2016 Frisk Exotic Pole Dance Competition - 1ST PLACE