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Floor Acro

A defining characteristic of acro is the smooth & graceful transitions between dance & acrobatic movements. Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all - discipline & concentration.

Acro Flow

This is an acrobatic floorwork class that involves low impact, but intricate tumbling & flow. You will master moves that compliment the flow of floorwork for pole & aerials.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is the perfect compliment to your fitness regime, whether it be dance or aerial-based. This intense class includes upper & lower body strengthening, core stabilisation, as well as isometric exercises - all in our fun & friendly FitNest environment!

Hula Hoop

Ever seen a Hula performance at a circus show? Well now you can learn to do it yourself! Learn the basics of hula, plus some illusions, tricks, and transitions. This will definitely be your next party trick!


Stretch Bendy Back

This all-levels class is designed to increase back, hip, neck, and shoulder flexibility. Bendy Back covers breathing techniques, alignment, postures, and relevant information to help achieve better lines, deeper postures, and gorgeous extensions.

Stretch Simply Splits

This all-levels class is specially designed to lengthen muscles, increase flexibility & range of motion, and achieve a flat or over-split. Simply Splits is open to students of all levels of flexibility.

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Join in this fun fusion of exotic and commercial dance with a chair as your apparatus.


Practice Time

Unlimited practice time, access all areas! Stretch, sweat, laugh, train, eat, sleep, and repeat. See you there.

Practice Time - Aerial Studio

Open practice time in our aerial studio, during which you have access to our various apparatus & training equipment.

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Silks (Tissu)

Aerial silks is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Learn basic wraps, climbs, and inversions. Open to all levels


Aerial trapeze is an exciting new apparatus at Blackbird. It is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and confidence while feeling like you are a true circus performer. Learn basic tricks, transitions, and inversions. Open to all levels

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Hoop 1 Tricks

This introductory class is suitable for absolute beginners, including those with no prior aerial experience. Get comfortable spending time up in the air & upside down as we cover strength & conditioning for basic moves, such as Half Angel, Man on the Moon, Martini, Amazon, and more!

Hoop 2/3 Tricks

This intermediate/advanced class is for students who can comfortably get upside down & inside the hoop. We'll condition your body for moves that require a higher degree of strength & flexibility, as well as introducing dynamic movement and tricks that involve the top rope above the hoop.

Hoop Fundamentals

This class is designed to make your journey on aerial hoop safe & seamless. The focus is on effective strength & conditioning techniques and refining foundational hoop skills with the goal of developing stronger & more confident aerialists. Open to all levels.


Pole 1 Tricks

This introductory class is safe for beginners of all shapes & sizes. Learn the basics of pole - including spins, grip points, climbs, and eventually, inverts!

Pole 2 Tricks

This intermediate level class is appropriate for students, who can comfortably climb & invert. The focus is on conditioning foundational moves, such as leg hangs, hip holds, laybacks, butterflies, superman, and more - with lots of variations to keep you on your toes!

Pole 3 Tricks

This high-intermediate to pre-advanced class is for polers, who can shoulder mount, aerial invert, and comfortably leg hang with no hands. We'll cover all the classic tricks, such as Jade, Allegra, Dragon Tail, Plus Sign, and so many more; as well as introducing handsprings and aerial shoulder mounts.

Pole 3/4 Tricks

This advanced class is for polers who can handspring and aerial shoulder mount; the ability to do splits and bridges is highly recommended as well. Tricks & combos at this level are longer & higher, spin faster, and are more dynamic - a greater degree of strength & flexibility is required to flourish!



Pole Dance

This choreography-based class is for intermediate and above levels. Learn intricate dance tricks and transitions within a choreographed routine, using the pole apparatus.

Pole Dance for Beginners

This class focuses on simple flow movement & pole foundations. A great introduction to dance, including exotic & sensual pole moves broken down into a fun pole-based routine. You will get an awesome workout!


This is a floor-based dance class, working on fluid transitions, basic floor tricks, and base work around the pole. You will learn a new mini routine every week. Heels recommended. Please bring knee pads! Note: knee pads are available for purchase at the studio

Exotic Flow

A slow and sensual pole choreography class for all levels.